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If your company transfers items or orders throughout the world, you’ve probably heard of freight forwarding. We’ve put together this handy reference on freight forwarding, explaining what it is, the processes involved, and if you need it.

Freight forwarding is the procedure by which someone or a corporation takes management of the shipping of goods for an importer/exporter. A freight forwarder’s involvement relieves the firm of the hassles connected with transportation solutions and guarantees that everything goes properly. Typically, a freight forwarder operates as a middleman between the shipper and the conveying company, performing relatively little of the actual transportation.

Freight forwarding is a critical, and often difficult, operation that incorporates logistics, legal requirements, negotiation, and other factors. Freight forwarding is concerned with the three major modes of transportation: air, sea, and road. Rail freight is less prevalent, although it can also be accommodated.

A freight forwarder can be an individual or a complete firm that handles transportation logistics. A freight forwarder is the person or company in charge of organizing and supervising the shipment of commodities. Independent freight forwarders are not often assigned to specific tasks such as distribution manager, but rather integrate the functions of such positions.

Businesses can handle their whole shipment process on their own, but freight forwarding firms can assist ensure documentation is completed correctly and shipments are managed smoothly. Most firms would benefit from further counsel because freight transit may be worldwide and quite difficult at times. Having a freight forwarder on hand who is well-versed in regulations may save firms a lot of time and money.

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